Introducing the very gorgeous Kim Morrison from Twenty8 Essentials.

Kim and I met a year ago on the Pete Evans Tour where she declared she had a “hastag, girlcrush” on me! Since then, our mutual crush has developed into the dearest of friends. Is Kim somewhat responsible for my recent move out of the city? hmmm perhaps. Actually yes she is, a little. And, I’ll never stop thanking her for it. If you haven’t heard of her company Twenty8 Essentials then this little blog will change your life……you also get a gorgeous gift with 10% off. How cool is that? Thanks Kimmy.  I took advantage of it myself….

Twenty8 is Kims baby,  just like Bubba Yum Yum is mine. What I particularly love is that Kims products are all natural and are brilliant to use during pregnancy, and safe for Bubs and toddlers too!

Make sure you click here or on the link above to see Kim’s fascinating story and her entire range.

In a nutshell,  I’ve used Kims products with coughs, colds, nits, fevers, eczema, conjuctivitis, and cuts to name but a few.

Don’t get me wrong! If Wills falls and breaks a limb…I’m not reaching out for the nearest essential oil! BUT, do these oils help support you in your home and workplace? Hell to the YES!! Her “First Aid Essential Oils book for Mothers and Children” is so good. No, its better than good. It’s a must for any first aid kit. I reach for the oils as soon as a sniffle starts, or a cough breaks or if Wills is all aches from a huge day playing. …..These oils also may or may not be absolutely brilliant to help turn a mood around. Trust me, a few drops on a tissue and the situation dissipates. …you can thank me later, particularly those of you with a threenager.

I hope you love these as much as I do.

Let me know what you think.

Sending this out with Oodles of love.

Ps…..I’ve started my next book. The best part about it is I’m making it with 3 of my beautiful best friends. All coming together to make something truly special.