Bubba Yum Yum with Charlotte Carr

Hi there I’m Charlotte Carr. I am an actress, voice artist, presenter best selling author and Holistic Health Coach. In late 2012 I was cast in my greatest role – being a Mother to my beautiful baby boy Willow. This certainly was the beginning of a big journey into whole foods and healing foods. A journey that helped heal my little man’s compromised immune system, reverse toxicity and illness, and enabled him to heal and thrive. Things for us started out a little rocky, but thanks to this wonderful way of eating and living, I can say we have never looked back and that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing my journey and learnings with you.

A little about me.

I love pineapple on Pizza.

I can’t eat anything off a spoon that isn’t in a shape of a circle.  Oval shaped spoons are not for me.

I love cooking with local produce and having a wine with my nearest and dearest.

Nothing makes me as happy as my little boys giggles.

I’m paid money to make funny voices for a living,

and my favourite colour is pink. I’ve been denial about this for 37 years.