Right so we have a challenge on our hands. Set by my dear friend and old flatmate Susie Rugg. Let me set the scene for our life living together all those years ago…… We mainly played dress ups, drank wine, ate tuna on crackers on the porch, talked so much our voices were croaky, and hosted the greatest Pirate Party Bondi Beach ever did see. Did we have fun? Oh my goodness yes! Was I heartbroken when it all came to an end with Susie heading off to South America? Oh yes indeedy.
Fast forward a decade, we both still love our wine, our crackers in different forms, still love us some Pirates, and we now have the most beautiful children ever who have totally inspired our insta feeds. Susie with all her infectiousness and creative flair has one of the coolest insta pages I’ve seen.  She is my craft crush. I do toddler food well. She, is the queen of craft.
Heres a little run down on my Pirate loving creative genius friend…..
Susie Rugg, the creative mind behind the crazy fun Insta handle ‘Handy with Scissors’ is a Sydney based mum and maker with a passion for turning ‘junk’ into art. She has a degree in Object Art from the University of Sydney and when not at home trying to get her reluctant 3 year old excited about craft, she hangs out at The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia where she is the Children and Families Coordinator.Loves- Making something from nothingHates- Mess. Which is a REAL problem considering she hoards actual rubbish.Is very good at: Doing things at a million miles an hour

Wishes she: could slow down

Annoying habit: Leaving lids off bottles and singing off key

Top secret: She actually just uses the lids to make space rockets.

In another life: would be a Jazz singer

Feels passionately about: IDEAS

Is proud of: Having lots of ideas

In 2016: plans to follow more of them through.

4 craft staples: Hot glue, amazing scissors, good quality paper and paintbrushes

4 favourite household items to use as art: bottle tops, egg cartons, yoghurt containers, corks

Needs to: drink more champagne to get more corks.

Challenges Charlotte Carr to make a puppet using ONLY things in her recycling bin!

So here in lies the challenge,  are you with me???
Hashtag #handywithpuppets @handywithscissors @bubbayumyum