Hi there!
So many of you have been asking me how to make fermented foods and ways to incorporate fermented foods into your little ones diet. As we know the gut health of a little one is incredibly important and fermented foods are a wonderful addition into their diet. They are among the most active powerful healing foods on the planet and provide such beneficial bacteria, loaded with enzymes that help to improve digestion and support overall immune function. Sound good?
I noticed as soon as we incorporated them into Willows diet that his palate opened up and his fussy eating settled. Many Mums I’ve coached have noticed the same. Pretty awesome.
You will be surprised how much little kids love sour notes and these cucumbers are a brilliant first ferment. You can even start by just adding some of the juice from your ferments. You can just pour a little over their favorite protein or meal. Willow loves a little fermented juice is his mayo, and aioli. He also loves it poured over his vegetables and eggs. These cucumbers are particularly yummy with burgers. The whole family will love it. They taste a little sharp and salty at first but before you know it, you will be craving them!
In terms of a culture starter my absolute favourite comes from Kultured Wellness and you can order them through this recipe. Not only does Kirsty have the very best Kefir, but she has the BEST culture starters for yogurts. The very best. I’ve been using culture starters for 3 years and nothing compares to the strength and ease of Kirstys.
I hope you enjoy this little recipe and that your little ones do too.
Served up with Oodles of love.