Best Kodi Remotes

Normally, you can use your Kodi remote control to watch your favorite program. But not all remotes are created in an equal manner. The Kodi air mouse or remotes are needs to be able to take a beating a good range and a button layout that is easy to use. Now, I can share the list of best Kodi Remotes that are working very well without any issues.

List of Best Kodi Remotes

1. Rii i8+

2. Inteset INT-422

3. Rii i25

4. Aerb Mini

5. Gemtune F21

Rii i8+

It is a popular Kodi keyboard remote with an exclusive feature set. It can integrates the controls for volume and channel switching with a full QWERTY keyboard in a well-sized package. This remote looks very well and feels great in your hand because of its rubberized finish. In addition, it is rechargeable so that, you can’t go to any store for batteries.

Inteset INT-422

If you are the type of person that sits down in front of a TV to simply watch content and leaves the web surfing to your phone or laptop, then the Inteset INT-422 is the best Kodi remote for you to do it. It provides all the basic buttons required to control your Kodi TV box in a traditional form factor. It has one best feature as it has an ability to record macros to automate repetitive button clicking. Speaking of button clicking, we are not the biggest fans of how the buttons feel when clicked, it feels a bit mushy. It comes down to personal preference and has no influence on how well this remote responds to your presses.

Rii i25

Normally, it looks very gorgeous due to  its pretty edges and also a black and orange finish and yet it is very comfortable to grip due to its rugged texture. It can be divided into two parts. The front view of this remote contains a menu and function controls. A full QWERTY keyboard has been integrated into the back with excellent keys making typing a joy with this Kodi remote. In addition, it is also rechargeable and long lasting on a single charge.

Aerb Mini

The front view present in this remote looks like a basic remote control, but underneath those buttons lie multiple sensors allowing you to use this device as an air mouse. It gives you full control of your Kodi box’s mouse by using gestures. A keyboard lies on the backside. It is very small and not convenient to use. The Front view contains the better spacing and layout of the buttons and it looks very great. In addition, it seems to be well constructed and the finish feels much more professional than similar devices in its price range.

Gemtune F21

It is also one of the best Kodi remotes. You can probably either love or hate the this remote control, but we appreciate this remote trying to mix things up. The Gemtune F21 is a great remote with a precise air-mouse mode, nice and soft-clicking buttons. This device looks very sturdy and should be able to take a beating. It is powered by standard AAA batteries and is able to cover a good range. Make sure you have so many batteries on hand as this Kodi remote is not very economical when it comes to the power consumption.


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