Best IPTV Providers of 2018 to stream 100s of channels

Searching for the Best IPTV is a disconcerting task. In this article, we provide you the information on the best IPTV providers of 2018 along with the rating, and you can enjoy the wide streaming of movies, television shows online. The features of the Best IPTV providers are listed which may work differently for different users, so do some trails for picking the best for you.

NOTE: The IPTV service providers listed here are paid ones where you need to make a subscription for accessing those channels. If you are looking for a free alternative, then you need to configure Kodi IPTV m3u to stream channels at no cost.

Epicstream from Boss TV – Best for HD Streaming

Epicstream is one of the best IPTV providers that allows you streaming any sources with Full HD and 60 frames per second. The services are divided into three packages all have the same pricing providing fairly larger video. One could stream videos all around the world. The three packages are Plus, Premium, Max Package each for $14 per month. The separation is done for the benefit of users to access on their own needs, not the unwanted channels. It is similar to the cable TV rather than the IPTV provider. IP2Box, Kodi Box, Dreamlink T2, Roku supports this service.

Vader Streams IPTV- Best Reliable in IPTV services

Vader stream has become one of the best streaming in IPTV services. They provide the advanced services with the Kodi add-ons, highly customized web and highly reliable services. How is it different from others, one could access service in 5 different devices at the same time. It costs 125 USD for a one-year subscription for streaming the live TV and the VoD content. IP2Box, Kodi Box, Dreamlink T2, Roku supports this service, in that the best is using the IP2Box.

The Video on demand contains more than 2500 movies and 300 TV series overall. The Vader is differ from the others is that it has the Matchcenter service that provides a wide range of sports channels from all around the world. Another advantage is that allows one to stream the video which was missed through the catchup option for the last three days on the US channels.

IPGuys- Best User Feedback

IPGuys is the best reliable as well as the quality wise service IPTV provider although it allows less streaming videos channels. It also doesn’t allow to access on many devices. The cost is 120 USD for one year if the number of channels is not concerned then looking for the best reliable service the IPGuys would be the best choice for you. It’s not accessible by the users since the resellers too cant access it, but there is one way to access it that is tracking the reseller from the IPRocket. Use this link https://my.iprocket.net/  and use select any Apollo package for streaming IPTV services. It is available in Kodi Box, Dreamlink T2.

IPTV Subscription- Best IPTV for the English TV and Sports

IPTV Subscription is only for the English channels streaming for all generation. There are no other international channels available in this service. The streaming of the latest program can be through the EPG. Overall 500 channels which include US, UK, Canada, Movies, sports etc are there. One should sign in for access,  it is available in the Android TV boxes, Roku, FireTV. It lacks Video on Demand facility. The cost is $16 per month.

Gears TV – Best US IPTV service for Android

Gears TV is from the IPTVology. It provides accessing of the channels from the US, UK, and CA. It contains 450 channels, especially for the sport streaming channels like NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA etc. It lacks in the picture quality, some videos are available in the HD and others in SD quality. When Gears TV is brought, the IPTVology allow full access of Mayfair Pro. The cost is $17.50 per month. One could install it either in the Kodi or the in Android. You have been the username and password for both GearTV and also for Mayfair Guide. There is no Video on Demand. The EPG gives use the best ways to access the IPTV services. It is available on the Kodi Box, Roku.

Insight IPTV – Best for streaming simultaneously from two devices

Insight IPTV provides many channels and video on demand in HD quality. Allows fast switching and streaming. The EPG is given for all the programs. It contains 1500 channels from English and non-English countries like Germany, Middle East and Turkey. Yearly cost is 75$. It allows paying using Bitcoins. It is available in the Kodi box, Roku, Dreamlink T2.


Above article is about the best IPTV providers of 2018. If there are any doubts regarding the above article, please do let us know through your comments, we assure our responses.