What is the need of VPN services and why should you buy it

Which one is better- free VPN or paid VPN

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN is that technology which allows you to access a private network; the servers and computers on the particular network, from a remote location outside that network while keeping the transacted data and information safe from prying eyes. The technology of the VPN works in the way that it transfers data and confidential information to the private network in the midst of public network like the internet. It is vital for big corporate giants to exchange data in a safe and secure manner and thus the importance of Virtual Private Network is increasing day by day. The use of the private network can be only accessed by people who are granted permission to do so. The technology which is used to convey the classified information is so done by the means of packaging the information in packets so that it is invisible to nosy eyes. The technology of VPN can be used with an internet connection to any kind of devices like smartphones, laptops or personal computers. The message which is encrypted is sent to the private organizational network through tunnels. The employees of the particular office can share resources and refer to files and private documents from far away remote locations as if they were physically present in the office.

Free VPN vs Paid VPN:

Though we would benefit from anything that is free we tend to get a fairly balanced view about which can be the most viable option, the paid or free VPN. It should be known that the free VPN will be used by a lot of people and thus will be crowded. In a free VPN service, there would not be any bandwidth. The paid VPN makes use of bandwidth and servers making paid VPNs a preferable choice among customers. Moreover, the absence of more than one VPN nodes in the case of free VPN makes it a second choice. Dedicated customer care is available only with the option of a paid VPN. In the case of free services, the customer’s problems are not well taken care of. If a free version of the VPN does not fulfill your expectations there is just not anybody you could go to for lodging a complaint.  Nobody can be held responsible for the matter.

Would a free VPN work on Firestick? The answer would be yes. But when it comes to Free VPN we will always have some limitations. So it is always recommended to prefer a Paid VPN Service.

It should be said that in the case of free VPN the anonymity factor is well maintained because signing up with the free VPN never demands any details from the user. But on the other hand, the paid VPN demands all the correct details from the client because there are payments to be taken care of. When compared to free VPN paid VPN is all about speed. Though the free VPN services will hide your IP address the free VPN services do not necessarily encrypt data while they leave the computer and travel through the tunnel to the predetermined web server. If the advantages and disadvantages are to be weighed with an unbiased perception then it will be observed that you as a business holder or an individual stand to gain from the paid VPN services.