Best way to stream UFC Pay Per View Fights on different devices

So, here it is. The fantasy match which its never going to happen is here. The Eagle vs The tiger. But after Conor McGregor bus incident, the fight is ON! Conor Mc Gregor threw a stone into Khabib Nurmagomedov’s bus. McGregor Conor Mcgregor was arrested under several sections for a violation in the public. So this match is an honor fight for Conor McGregor. This article explains how to stream UFC 229.

On the other hand, we have Khabib Nurmagomedov, a veteran of grappling. Coming from Russian Sambo background he knows every nook and corner when comes to grappling and ground fighting. Moreover, he has a win streak of a mind-blowing 24 professional fights which is a serious thing to consider

While Conor McGregor is a tactical southpaw who knocks out every man standing in his way. His attitude and Fight IQ is irreplaceable. Conor McGregor’s had been written in history. The way he came up to the top ladder is really a thing to respect. On his career, he slew several champions like Jose Aldo, Eddie Alvarez and became First Double champion in the history of UFC.

How to Stream UFC 229  live at cheap prices 73% off

As a global sport, UFC has different prices in different countries. Someone living in the Philippines will get PPV cheaper than someone living in the USA. But we had a solution for this. We can spoof our location and PPV for the lowest price possible.

So after some research, we have found the Philippines has the cheapest price among all countries. Now simply use any VPN and connect to Philippines server. Then visit official UFC 229PPV page and grab the discount. Further, we have other methods on how to watch UFC 229 at a cheaper price.

Simple Steps to Stream UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor Cheap PPV

So we have made you realized the power of VPN. Still few more steps to get Unlimited Action.
Step 1: Buy one of the recommended VPN services from the above table.
Step 2: Download the VPN app on your device.
Step 3: Run your VPN, go to servers list and connect to Philippines server.
Step 4: Visit UFC official site, click on UFC PPV and notice the price drop.
Step 5: Now start enjoying the fight of the century from any country with a considerable drop in price.

Stream UFC on Kodi

It is also possible to stream all the UFC matches using a third party application named Kodi. As Kodi is beyond the scope of this article, kindly refer to the following guides to stream UFC on Kodi.


  1. https://kodiforu.com/khabib-vs-mcgregor-ufc-229-kodi/
  2. http://ufckodi.com/

Stream UFC 229 Online through Different Channel

So the official Broadcasters of UFC are not announced yet. But its known that broadcasters will be the same as that of previous fights. If you are keenly interested in watching these warriors clash, read the article further.
But the local audience will enjoy full live coverage of Conor McGregor vs Khabib live. The online broadcasting channels are Fox Sports in the US, BT sports in the UK.

Stream UFC 229 Online through Different Channels

UFC is a global sport and it has millions of followers across the world. But many countries in the world cannot enjoy live broadcasting. All countries are not the same. There are various economic conditions prevailing in different countries.
So the only way to watch UFC 299 is by using VPN and connecting to a different server. Some of the best VPN are listed above. Subscribe to any one of the VPN services and connect to a country server that provides cheapest PPV. Now you can go to UFC PPV online gt PPV at the lowest price.

How to Stream UFC 229 on Kodi

One can watch UFC matches live without any subscriptions. Kodi has millions of users around the world. We can have access to a wide range of media libraries. The streaming is also very smooth and reliable. Moreover, it is absolutely free of cost. To enjoy UFC in Kodi you should install different add-ons which are also free of cost.

Final Words

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, both are popular names in the game. This match is going to be one of the greatest matches in history and no doubt in that. So in order for all to witness the history, we have given different ways to watch UFC 299 live.


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